You've successfully installed the Experian Data Validation for Salesforce Lightning app. The basic setup steps you will need to take next are:

  1. Apply your Experian API Authentication Token in the EDQ Global Settings app. If you don't already have a token you could request a free trial.

  2. Assign your admin and non-admin users to the two packaged EDQ Permission Sets or configure the permissions manually as recommended.

  3. Our recommended approach is to use the EDQ Record Details component in place of the default Salesforce component on your Lightning Record Pages. To use this component, you will need to:

  4. Create an EDQ Profile Setting for each of your profiles that need access to validate address, email and/or phone fields.

  5. Edit the Lightning Record Pages on which you want to enable validation and add the EDQ Record Detail component.

  6. This will enable validation when editing a record inline, but if you wish to use the EDQ Record Detail component when clicking the New or Edit buttons you will need to configure the Lightning Experience Override on these buttons.

Advanced configuration

The steps above will get you started with address, email and/or phone validation enabled for the relevant standard fields on your Lightning Record Pages, but our app also allows you to:

Please refer to the other sections of this documentation for details on these additional features plus others.