The EDQ Record Detail component replaces the standard Salesforce record detail component and embeds all three EDQ validation components (Address, Email and Phone validation components). When you drag and drop the EDQ Record Detail component onto your Salesforce page, it will dynamically read the labels and controls of your Salesforce page and render a page with the Address, Email and Phone fields enabled for validation per the license associated to your token. This EDQ component compared to the other EDQ validation components provides a seamless user experience.

  1. Drag and drop the EDQ Record Detail component on to the default Detail tab.

  2. Remove the standard Salesforce Record Detail component.

  3. (Optional) configure the Default Country.

This component reproduces the Salesforce standard Record Detail component with the added benefit of replacing address, email and phone fields with the corresponding validation component.

Support for addresses constructed with custom fields

The EDQ Record Detail component automatically works with standard Salesforce Address fields (including the new Custom Address Field), but if your object uses a set of custom fields to represent an address you will need to configure a Touchpoint to tell our application how the response from our Address Validation API should be mapped to your custom fields.

Support for defaultFieldValues parameter

The EDQ Record Detail component supports the defaultFieldValues query string parameter allowing you to create a custom URL to a new record and preset some default values using static or dynamic fields based on the current record. Detailed instructions can be found on this Salesforce Ben page.

Controlling Phone Validation behavior

Refer to the Phone Validation component page for details on the additional options available to control Phone Validation behavior within the EDQ Record Detail component.