There are two EDQ Permission Sets you can assign users to, the first essential and the second optional…

  • EDQ Admin: Assign this Permission Set to all users that require administrative access to all EDQ objects and settings.

  • EDQ Non-admin: If you want certain users to have read-only access to the three objects listed below that come with the application, you need to assign them to the EDQ Non-admin Permission Set.

    • EDQ Logs – stores the results of all calls to our Validation APIs
    • EDQ Error Logs – stores any errors generated by the application
    • EDQ Profile Settings – controls which profiles have access to perform address/email/phone validation

Assigning users to Permission Sets

  1. Go to the Setup screen and type Permission Sets in the Quick Find box and select it.

  2. Click either the EDQ Admin or EDQ Non-admin permission set.

  3. Click Manage Assignments.

  4. Tick your chosen users and click Assign, then click Done.