1. Go to Setup, then type in Named Credentials into the quick find box and select it.

  2. Click New Named Credentials.

    Named Credential window

  3. Fill in the following Named Credential fields with these specifications:

    Field Specification
    Label: Tooling API Layouts
    Name: Tooling_API_Layouts (Auto-Populated)
    URL: Use just the protocol and domain portion of the Callback URL provided from the Auth. Provider detail screen. Copy only up until the first / after the domain, e.g. https://example-domain.my.salesforce.com
    Identity Type: Named Principal
    Authentication Protocol: OAuth 2.0
    Authentication Provider: Click on the Lookup Icon and Select LEDQ Tooling API
    Scope: full refresh_token offline_access (copy and paste)
    Start Authentication Flow on Save Select option

    View of Named credential window and fiels

  4. Click Save.

A new window will prompt you to Login in Salesforce. The Username you use should have permissions to Access Tooling API and will be associated with the Named Credential you just created. After you have Logged in, you must click Allow to gain access to all the permissions listed on the screen.

Access window