If you don't already have an Authentication Token from Experian and are based in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States or Canada you have the option of starting a free 14 day trial.

  1. Click on App Launcher. Type EDQ Global Settings in the Quick Find box, and select it.

  2. Ensure the Licensing tab is selected and then choose Free Trial where you can complete the registration form.

Free trial form

For Australia and New Zealand the free trial is activated automatically once you complete the form, setting you up with an Authentication Token with the following limitations:

  • Expires after 14 days
  • 500 Address Validation credits for addresses in Australia (AUS)
  • 500 Address Validation credits for addresses in New Zealand (NZL)
  • 500 Email Validation credits
  • 500 Phone Validation credits

Once the free trial is activated you can view the expiry date and current credit balances under the Free Trial tab, where you also have the option to apply your trial token and then revoke it at any point.

Active free trial status

For the United Kingdom, United States or Canada, a manual free trial request will be triggered and someone from Experian will get in touch to activate this for you.