Phone Validation component

  1. Drag the EDQ Phone Validation component from the Custom – Managed dropdown (on the left) and drop into the Details standard component (middle box) or component of your choice.

    View of configure parameters

  2. Configure options on the right:

    • Default country: This is optional. This will be the default country that is used for the country code on the Phone Validation component. If no country is set here, then the default country will be that which has been set up in the user record of the logged in user.
    • Activate required fields: This is optional. It will make all chosen phone fields required if enabled.
    • Standard fields: Select up to 8 phone fields from your object to be enabled for validation.
  3. Click Save.

  4. Click Back (Salesforce button).

Plus sign (+) control for phone numbers

If our EDQ components are used to validate a phone number or if the existing number in your database was entered manually with a plus sign (+), our component will display the plus sign (+) when your object is in view mode.

If you want to always retain the plus sign (+) when saving phone numbers, you must enable a config setting. This setting is called Enable phone code plus signs and can be enabled by following the instructions on our Configure global settings page.

Supplementary live status

Due to a few regional limitations, the live status for either Mobiles, or Landlines, may not be supported with the standard Phone Validation service, but it is possible to include an additional request parameter to ensure the confidence level returned is as accurate as possible for the countries which support it. More information on this feature can be found in our Phone Validation API documentation, but you can enable this feature in our Salesforce integration by configuring the global settings.