Address Validation component

When you drag and drop any of these components onto your Salesforce page, you can select standard and custom fields per component to map to Experian APIs.

  1. Drag EDQ Address Validation component from the Custom – Managed dropdown (on the left) and drop them into the Details standard component (middle box).

    View of configure parameters

  2. Configure the settings on the right:

    Location of Component fields

    • Default country: This is optional. This will be the default country that appears on Address and Phone validation components. If no country is set here, then the default country will be that which has been set up in the user record of the logged in user.

    • Standard fields: Select up to 2 standard address fields from the object to be validated.

    • Custom fields: If you want to validate a set of custom fields that represent an address in your object you must map each field individually to the 5 offered.

      • Select Use custom fields and enter a name in the address fields label.
      • Map the name of your custom address fields to the corresponding fields in the component. All address elements support custom fields of type "Text", with State and County also supporting fields of type "Picklist".
  3. Click Save.

  4. Click Back (Salesforce button).