Experian Phone Validation ("the API" or "Phone Validation") is a real-time REST API that you can use to validate phone numbers and obtain additional information about them. For example, you can determine whether the numbers are landline or cell phone numbers.

You can use the API in many different scenarios, depending on your specific needs. A frequent use case: you have a web form or a shopping cart and want to validate the information the user enters before saving it, to ensure it's accurate, and that the user didn't make a mistake.

The API can validate phone numbers in real-time from over 200 countries and territories, including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Singapore and France.

Experian Phone Validation now has the ability to pass an ISO3 country code along with the phone number to allow for processing of numbers without the numeric country dialling code.

Using enhanced portability information, Real Time Phone Validation will also allow customers to return the last known ported date for a Phone Number within a select number of countries. Phone Validation can now tell you if a number has been ported and the date of which it was ported. This can be a good indicator of fraudulent activity and should be considered within risk calculation.

Disposable (or temporary) mobile numbers are considered the digital version of a burner phone. People use these numbers for situations in which they don’t want to give out their permanent/real numbers or for fraudulent purposes. This poses an increasing fraud risk to businesses and prevents them from contacting their customers when required. The API will identify mobile numbers that are known to be from a disposable network or have been found on websites or applications advertising disposable numbers.

See it in action: Try out our live demo to see Phone Validation integrated into a website.