Input requirements

When uploading files, there are file formatting requirements that must be adhered to. If these aren't met, the file will be rejected. Ensure that your file meets these input requirements:

  • Uploaded files must be RFC 4180-compliant CSVs:
    • Commas are used to separate fields
    • DOS/Windows-style newline (CR+LF) is used to indicate end of a record
    • The last record may or may not be terminated
    • Double quotation marks are used to quote fields
    • Fields containing commas, newlines or double-quotation marks must be quoted
    • Otherwise, quoting is optional.
  • A header row named 'email' (case-insensitive) is required.
  • You can include additional columns and these will be retained in the output, but they cannot be named as 'result' or 'correction'.
  • The maximum file size is 2GB and the maximum record count is 1 million records.