Upload and download files

Upload files

You can either upload files via a Windows FTP client or via UNIX command line. The autobatch system involves interaction with two folders:

  • Incoming: used to upload new jobs for processing. Simply drop the file into this directory as you would a normal file upload. Our system will begin processing the file.
  • Outgoing: After a file has been successfully uploaded, processing will begin automatically. While the file is still being processed it will remain in the 'Incoming' folder. Once processing is complete, the file will appear in this folder.
  1. Open your preferred SFTP client. We recommend Filezilla or PSFTP.
  2. Enter your connection information. Below is the required information to connect to our server:
    Host: sftp.qasemail.qas.com
    Port: 22
    Protocol: SFTP
    Username and Password: (password is your API key)
    All non-specified values should be left as the program's default settings.
    If you get a message asking whether you trust the host key provided by our servers, simply click OK to proceed. You can also select the checkbox to remember this decision.
  3. Once logged in, you will see the incoming and outgoing folders.
  1. Navigate to the directory of the file you would like to upload:
    cd /path/to/folder
  2. Connect to our SFTP server using the following command (replacing [user] with your username):
    sftp [user]@sftp.qasemail.qas.com
  3. Reply yes if you see the following message: "The authenticity of host 'sftp.qasemail.qas.com (' can't be established."
  4. Navigate to the incoming directory on the remote file system:
    cd incoming
  5. Upload your file:
    put filename.csv
  6. Processing will then take place:
    cd Outgoing
  7. Once processing has finished you can download the results from the outgoing directory:
    get filename.csv

Download files

Once processing is complete, you can download the files and view the results.