Incoming folder

Use this folder to:

  • Place files to be processed here. Simply drop the file into this directory as you would a normal file upload. Our system will begin processing the file.

    After a file has been successfully uploaded, processing will begin automatically. While the file is still being processed it will remain in the Incoming folder. Once processing is complete, the file will appear in this folder. Copy this file to your local computer to view results.

  • Delete files once done. This signals to Experian that you do not wish to process the file (any further) and that you do not want any results from email validations until the point of deletion. Experian stops validating the email addresses which were contained in the deleted file and deletes all user data associated with this file.

Outgoing folder

Use this folder to:

  • View completed files. Files in this directory represent completed jobs from the email validation system and always correspond to the last file with the same name uploaded to the /incoming directory. Files in this directory can be downloaded.

  • Delete files in this directory to signal to Experian that they should delete all user data associated with this file.

Deleting files

Please take care when deleting files.

Using the SFTP interface, you may delete files from both the incoming and outgoing folders using the standard SFTP delete functionality. However, please use this functionality with care as backups of your files are not made once the delete functionality has been used. If you delete by mistake, the file will need to be re-uploaded and you will be charged for it as a new file.

Deleting files from the incoming folder will result in the file processing being halted and all contents removed. All input fields and output results will be deleted and the file will not be available for view in the incoming folder or for download in the outgoing folder.

Deleting files from the outgoing folder will result in all data relating to this file being permanently removed from our platform and the file no longer being available for download.