These are the release notes for Experian Data Validation for Salesforce Lightning:

23rd May 2023

Bug fixes
  • Help icons shown for inline view and edit modes of EDQ Record Detail Component.

4th May 2023

New features
  • Improved the process for customizing the country and state labels.
  • Added support for new Custom Address Fields introduced in Summer 22 platform update.
  • Added support for supplementary live status Phone Validation functionality.
  • Ability to enable/ disable address, phone or email validation component in isolation.
Bug fixes
  • EDQ Log objects correctly associated when records are cloned using our custom EDQ Clone button.
  • Error Message field in the EDQ Error Log object no longer truncates messages after 255 characters.
  • EDQ Permission Sets now allow users to access External Credentials.
  • EDQ components no longer allow read-only fields to be saved or non-visible fields to be seen.
  • Increased the size of the Dataset field in LEDQ Countries Custom Metadata Type to support new longer datasets format.
  • Phone input validation no longer prevents numbers from countries with phone codes of 3 digits or more from being submitted.
  • Single string validation errors correctly propagated to the New/Edit modal.
  • All user types able to save records containing required non-string fields e.g. Currency.

24th November 2022

New features
  • New EDQ Address, Email and Phone Validation components for use within Salesforce Screen Flows with accompanying Apex Action for storing the validation status against associated records.
  • Setting added to LEDQ Settings Custom Metadata Type to allow the country picklist to be positioned above or below the other address fields.
  • Improved handling of Touchpoint mappings which involve a custom field that has been removed or renamed.
  • ported_date Phone Validation property in Touchpoints labelled to explain the additional cost if a date is successfully retrieved.
  • get_ported_date Phone Validation request attribute only set if the ported_date property is mapped in a Touchpoint.
Bug fixes
  • EDQ Record Detail component no longer fails to load for users with read-only permissions.
  • Standalone EDQ validation components now behave appropriately for users with read-only permissions.
  • EDQ Record Detail component now uses the the correct page layout when multiple Record Type options have been restricted to a single option for profile permissions.
  • Record Type field now correctly populated when multiple record types are available to the user and the default is not chosen.
  • Record Type correctly displayed in the heading of the new object modal.
  • Error no longer displayed when performing initial address format with a default country other than GBR.
  • Section headers or field labels named using non-Latin characters no longer cause a fatal error.
  • Error no longer displayed beneath a field when it has been externally updated, for example by a Before Update Trigger.
  • Save button no longer remains greyed out in the EDQ Record Detail component when there are no EDQ validated fields present in the page layout.
  • An edited address is no longer temporarily captured when the Cancel button is used within the EDQ Record Detail component.
  • Fields are no longer lost from view when screen width is changed to that of a mobile or tablet.
  • Removing or renaming a custom field used by a Touchpoint no longer prevents new objects using the Touchpoint from being created.
  • Access to EDQ Global Settings is correctly restricted to users with the EDQ Admin Permission Set.
  • A profile that has not been assigned to one of the two EDQ Permission Sets no longer generates multiple error logs with the 'List has no rows for assignment to SObject' message.
  • Enhanced spellcheck offered by Chrome and Edge disabled by HTML attribute to mitigate "spell-jacking" vulnerability.

12th September 2022

New features
  • EDQ Record Detail Component recreated using Lightning Web Components (LWC) to increase performance and stability, most notably for long records containing many address, email and phone fields.
  • Email and Phone fields now include a clear button to make it easier to enter a new value and clear any associated metadata fields that had been configured as part of an Email or Phone Touchpoint.
  • Improved error message display at the bottom of the New/Edit modal when field errors are encountered and New/Edit buttons have been overridden to use the EDQ Record Detail component. Now more closely mirrors the behavior of the default Record Detail component.
  • Improve handling and clearer error messaging for misconfigured Named Credentials.
  • More robust parsing of EDQ Validation API JSON files to improve reliability of API attribute retrieval in the Touchpoint Settings UI.
Bug fixes
  • Converting a Lead into a Contact or Account retains the validation status of any fields validated with EDQ components.
  • Phone country code no longer stored twice in the number field when the validated number itself includes the country code.
  • Duplicate record updates are now saved correctly following the duplicate warning and second attempt to save.
  • View Duplicates functionality now working when a duplicate Account or Person Account has geocodes mapped in its Touchpoint configuration
  • In Console mode when creating a new Account, the new modal no longer remains visible in a separate tab after the account has been created.
  • Disabling a country in LEDQ Countries Custom Metadata Type correctly hides it from the picklists for address and phone components.
  • No match response from Experian Address Validation API correctly handled.
  • Long addresses typed out slowly no longer result in an unknown error in the UI.

20th April 2022

New features
  • Touchpoints extended to allow the mapping of additional data from our Phone Validation API to custom fields.
  • Touchpoints now allow for country-specific mapping to custom fields of the Components from our Address Validation API.
  • Inline edit mode can now be enabled in the EDQ Record Detail component by double clicking a field.
  • New JavaScript global functions added that allow for external control of the country picklists in our Address and Phone Validation components.
Bug fixes
  • Cancelling an address edit when using the Address Validation component now correctly reverts the visible changes.
  • Timeouts from our Email Validation API are more gracefully handled with an accurate description shown to the user.
  • Default country settings are now honoured in the correct order: User setting > Component setting > Org setting.
  • Default value for the Max Address Picklist Suggestions setting of 7 now matches the tooltip wording.
  • When using State Picklists the State Name is correctly used in both the picklist and the when the validated address is displayed, instead of the Integration Value.
  • Address component correctly handles countries with custom Integration Values and selects the right country in the picklist when an address is edited, rather than reverting to the default.

8th April 2022

Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug in which page-level errors would in some cases persist at the top of the form after it is saved.

7th March 2022

New features
  • Touchpoints extended to allow the mapping of additional data from our Email Validation API to custom fields.
  • New configuration option in LEDQ Settings Custom Metadata Type to control the preservation of the + symbol when saving phone number fields.
Bug fixes
  • Record Type field correctly prepopulated in the EDQ Record Detail Component if only one Record Type is available to the current profile.
  • Object Search Layout now accurately determines the fields displayed on the Duplicate Record results modal.
  • When EDQ Record Detail component is running in a modal (from a create or non-inline edit action) it no longer causes a page refresh on save.
  • Other Lightning components added to a Record Page correctly refresh their content when the EDQ components are saved.

11th February 2022

Bug fixes
  • Within the EDQ Record Detail Component, clicking Save immediately after entering inline edit mode no longer causes address, email and phone data to be lost.
  • After saving a record using the EDQ Record Detail Component the page no longer scrolls to the top. Instead it scrolls to the closest section heading visible on the screen.

31st January 2022

New features
  • Maximum Address Picklist Suggestions config setting allows administrators to set the value to between 1 and 25. This is set on the LEDQ Settings page.
  • Support added to the EDQ Record Detail component for the Compact Display Density user setting.
Bug fixes
  • Long formatted address lines now correctly wrap within their container.
  • If User Value is set for a country this will now be used consistently in all cases.

10th December 2021

Bug fixes
  • Parent record prepopulation now works when child objects have multiple record types.

3rd December 2021

New features
  • Extended support for parent record prepopulation to custom fields. There are some limitations.
Bug fixes
  • "Clear" button in the EDQ Record Detail component now works as expected when no Touchpoints have been configured.

22nd November 2021

New features
  • Touchpoints now allow for country-specific mapping to custom fields of additional data from our Enrichment and Address Validation APIs.
Bug fixes
  • Record Type field in the EDQ Record Detail component correctly forced to be read-only as per the default component behavior.
  • "Change Record Type" flow no longer fails change record type when Edit button is overridden with EDQ component.
  • Empty dependent picklists no longer marked as mandatory when using EDQ Record Detail component.
  • Empty "More Info" field in legacy EDQ Log objects no longer causes EDQ component to not load.

25th October 2021

Bug fixes
  • Creating related object from parent with overridden new button now automatically populates parent details in EDQ Record Detail component. There are some limitations.
  • Custom field level validation rules now being handled and highlighted correctly in the EDQ Record Detail component.
  • Reinstatement of empty state picklist fix from 1.7.1 which was missing from 1.8.0.

30th September 2021

New features
  • EDQ Token Settings replaced by new Licensing tab within EDQ Global Settings, where the user can enter their API Authentication Token or sign up for a free trial.
  • Replaced error message with a more user friendly and unobtrusive warning when EDQ Profile Settings haven't been configured for a profile.
Bug fixes
  • "dataset" parameter correctly sent in requests to Experian Address Validation API when configured in the LEDQ Country object.
  • Save/Cancel panel no longer hidden by Salesforce Utility Bar when editing an object inline using the EDQ Record Detail component.
  • Country codes are no longer automatically added to existing unedited phone number fields when Phone Validation is activated.
  • Use of "undo" button for address edits within the EDQ Record Detail component no longer causes a component error.
  • Field level validation messages now appear beside the field when using the EDQ Record Detail component.
  • A saved invalid phone number no longer reverts to default country code when edited.
  • Performing the "undo" action on an edited phone number no longer reverts to the default country code.
  • Clicking the Cancel button in the New Record modal under Lightning Console no longer causes it to close and reopen repeatedly.
  • Clicking the Cancel button on the Record Detail component under Lightning Console no longer causes the UI to hang.
  • Correction to Reference-Id header sent to Experian APIs to improve consistency of usage reporting.

20th August 2021

Bug fixes
  • Custom field of type "Picklist" used for States in Address Validation no longer empty when "State and Country/Territory Picklists" not enabled.

16th August 2021

New features
  • Added support for using custom fields which represent an address when using the EDQ Record Detail through a new Touchpoint Settings UI.
  • EDQ Address Validation component now supports custom fields of type "Picklist" for the State and Country elements.
  • EDQ Address Validation, EDQ Email Validation and EDQ Phone Validation components upgraded to Lightning Web Components.
  • Minor UI and behavioral improvements to all EDQ validation components.
  • Full response from the Address and Email Validation APIs stored in the "More Info" field of the "EDQ Log" object.

3rd August 2021

New features
  • Added support for 3 letter country ISO codes when configuring Salesforce State and Country Picklists.

15th July 2021

Bug fixes
  • New record can be created containing a blank address, regardless of SF country picklist integration value not matching the default country value from Address Validation API.

9th June 2021

New features
  • EDQ Record Detail Component now replicates the following features of the default Record Detail component: section headers, edit highlights, undo functionality and fixed save and cancel buttons when editing.
  • Improved handing of misconfigured Named Credentials during installation and configuration.
  • A duplicate EDQ Profile Setting now displays a user friendly error message.
  • Update to format of Reference-Id header sent to Experian APIs to improve consistency of usage reporting.
Bug fixes
  • Concatenation Separator settings applied correctly when using <Space>, <New Line> or Custom Separator options.
  • "Save blank value" button correctly disappears when just the State is populated, using the EDQ Record Detail component.
  • When editing an Address field in the EDQ Record Detail component the field is now in focus and the page is scrolled to the correct location.
  • "Suffix" and "Middle Name" fields on Person Accounts now displayed in the correct order.
  • EDQ Token Settings tab no longer hidden on initial installation.
  • Fix for component error when performing the "Enable Profiles" installation step and a user is not selected from the drop down.

16th March 2021

New features