Salesforce allows users to change the record type of a record via either the icon button on the Record Type field or the Change Record Type action button.

Change record type options

Due to Salesforce limitations on custom components, the EDQ Record Detail component doesn't currently replicate the icon button found to the right of a Record Type field on the standard Record Detail component. Instead we recommend adding the Change Record Type button to the page layout as per standard Salesforce button configuration.

Providing the Edit action is overridden on the object in question, we are able to support the Change Record Type behavior, albeit with an altered flow from the default behavior. Once the Change Record Type button has been clicked and the desired record type has been chosen, a new prompt will be displayed asking the user to confirm they want to proceed:

Record type change prompt

If the user clicks the OK button the record will be saved with the new record type and reloaded ready to be edited. This differs from the default behavior in that the record type change isn't committed until the Save button is clicked. In the default scenario the user can simply click Cancel if they change their mind but with the altered EDQ flow the user must repeat the Change Record Type process to revert their original change.