Additional address datasets

Our Experian Address Validation API has an optional country specific dataset parameter which allows you to specify the dataset the address you're searching for is sourced from.

Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud Lightning uses the Autocomplete search type from the Experian Address Validation API. Our API documentation details the possible values for each country.

Configuring the dataset parameter

  1. Go to Setup and select Custom Metadata Types.

  2. From the list click Manage Records on the row containing LEDQ_Countries.

    Manage records view

  3. Click Edit on the row containing the country for which you want to configure the additional dataset.

    Location of Edit button

  4. On the Edit page you must manually enter a valid value in the Dataset field. The possible options are detailed in our API documentation.

    Location of Dataset field

  5. Click Save.

  6. Test the configuration by searching for an address in the country that was updated.