Release notes

7th March 2024

New features
  • Register for a free trial directly within the app.
  • Added support for the Premium Location Insights Enrichment dataset.
  • Improved response handling from our Phone Validation API for "No coverage" and "Disposable" statuses.
Bug fixes
  • An incomplete upgrade no longer leads to inappropriate error messages being displayed.

4th September 2023

New features
  • Brand new dedicated Power App for configuration of the app settings.
Bug fixes
  • Phone Validation now works correctly for countries with 4 digit country codes.
  • An EDQAddress control assigned to a standalone field on a form (i.e. one not mapped in the Map fields page) now works for all countries not just the default one.

12th December 2022

Bug fixes
  • Email addresses and phone numbers can now be saved following non-200 HTTP status response codes from our Email and Phone Validation APIs.

8th November 2022

Bug fixes
  • To mitigate a 'spell-jacking' vulnerability, the enhanced spellcheck offered by Chrome and Edge was disabled with a HTML attribute.

17th October 2022

New features
  • Email Validation integration updated to use v2 of our API.
  • Phone Validation integration updated to offer Disposable Number, Ported Date and Supplementary Live Status.
  • Additional data mapping expanded to include all additional Email and Phone data.
  • TextMaps, OptionSetMaps and LookupMaps work for Email and Phone mappings.
Bug fixes
  • Country no longer reverts to the default when editing an existing address with a different country.
  • PCF Address, Email or Phone controls at the bottom of the form, off the screen, now initialize correctly.

14th June 2022

Bug fixes
  • Post-upgrade data migration no longer stalls on Configuration page in environments that don't have all the standard entities.

9th June 2022

New features
  • Consistent configuration options for additional data (Address Components, Address Metadata and Enrichment) loaded dynamically directly from API JSON files.
  • All Enrichment configuration moved from Configure products tab to Configure additional data tab.
  • New two tab layout on the Map fields tab to improve readability with clearer distinction of the new additional data fields.
  • Unsaved configuration changes are detected, and the context cannot be changed until either APPLY or CANCEL are clicked.
  • When working with a particular mapping for a particular entity in the Map fields tab, the context is retained if you navigate to another tab and then come back to the Map fields tab or if you move to a mapping for another entity and then come back to the original entity.
  • The ENTITIES list on the Map fields tab has been cleaned up to display the entities in alphabetical order but with the standard entities displayed at the top.
  • Added the ability for users to configure text transforms of values returned by the Address Validation API.
  • The email and phone validation icon and message that is displayed below the form field is now displayed unconditionally.
  • WARN level messages displayed in browser console when a mapped Enrichment attribute is unauthenticated or unauthorized.
  • New built-in security role named ExperianDataValidationRole that needs to be assigned to users or teams for non-system administrators to use the solution.
Bug fixes
  • Reduced lag in formatting of address when Enrichment mappings are configured.
  • Error message now displayed within the UI if an authentication token is used for an unauthorized product (403 Forbidden response).
  • Improved error handling when the Mapping name in the Configuration page does not match the one in the PCF control config.

8th March 2022

New features
  • Address Validation API responses can now be mapped to fields of type Choice/OptionSet and Lookup.
Bug fixes
  • Styling of EDQ input fields now matches the default Microsoft Dynamics input field style.

20th January 2022

Bug fixes
  • Multiple dataset requests to the Enrichment API for a single country code are now handled correctly.
  • The storage of many Enrichment mappings is no longer limited by the size of the database field.
  • Error no longer occurs if "Delivery Service > service_type" is selected in Address Components and used on the Map fields tab.

22nd November 2021

Bug fixes
  • JavaScript error no longer present when Validation Message and Validation Timestamp fields have not been added to the Address form.
  • Deactivated mappings now appear correctly in the 'View All Entities' list.

3rd September 2021

In this release we have launched Experian data validation on Microsoft's Power Apps component framework.

New features

  • New custom controls introduced for Address, Email and Phone validation utilizing Experian's data validation APIs.
  • Added Experian's PCF controls – EDQAddress for address validation, EDQEmail for email validation and EDQPhone for phone number validation to input trigger fields on any of your forms.
  • Continue to use Experian's Configuration pages to manage your implementation tokens as well as activating and mapping enrichment datasets to enhance your address searches.