Monitoring API usage

You can monitor API usage by creating reports for all of the accounts and licenses used by your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution in our Self Service Portal.

To create a report:

  1. Log in to the Self Service Portal.
  2. Click Reports in the left navigation panel.
  3. Select the required Account and Deployment (group of licenses).
  4. Select the Report type.
  5. Select the Token (All tokens or individual token).
  6. Select the Date range.
  7. Click Create report.

There is a 15 minute delay from usage to being viewable in any report on the Self Service Portal.

There are several reports that can be created and include a multitude of information. These can be viewed online or downloaded as a CSV file. Available reports and information are:

  • Address Validation
    • Total searches
    • Total chargeable addresses (available by country)
    • Fully validated addresses
    • Total data entry time saved
    • Total keystrokes saved
    • Searches by validation level
  • Enrichment
    • Total enrichment requests
    • Total chargeable requests (available by time)
    • Total data points enriched
    • Total credits used (available by time and dataset)
  • Email Validation
    • Total emails checked
    • Total chargeable emails (available by domain and time)
    • Total corrections offered
    • Searches by response type
  • Phone Validation
    • Total phone numbers checked
    • Total chargeable phone numbers (available by time and type)
    • Total phone numbers verified
    • Searches by response type

Notifications help you to monitor your product usage and license status, to ensure that:

  • there are no interruptions to your service (license date expiring or zero credits remaining)
  • you're aware of any significant changes in behavior (spikes or drops in requests)

Our notifications documentation can give you more information.