Status and timestamps

Suggestion message

As you type in an address, there will be a message appear in the dropdown.

The following response codes can be returned by the API:

Status Code Reason phrase Description
200 Success Request processed successfully.
400 Bad Request Request failed due to malformed syntax.
401 Unauthorized Auth-Token provided is incorrect.
403 Forbidden Request is not authorized to use this service.
406 Not Acceptable Request is not in an acceptable format.
408 Request Timeout Response was not returned within the timeout allowance.
415 Unsupported Media Type Request is not using a Media type that is recognized by the server.
429 Too many requests Too many requests were sent. To protect all customers, your account has been temporarily throttled. Check our rate limiting for more details.
500 Internal Server Error The server has encountered an error.
503 Service Unavailable Service unavailable. Check service status for up-to-date information.

Validation message

Validation Message Description
Validated Request processed successfully.
Manual entry by user A user has entered an unvalidated address.


Time stamps will tell you at what time the address was validated.

Validation message

API confidence API Verbose Validation Message shown Description
verified verified The mailbox exists and is verified. The mailbox exists, is reachable, and is not known to be illegitimate or disposable.
undeliverable mailboxDisabled The mailbox is disabled. The mailbox is disabled.
mailboxDoesNotExist The mailbox does not exist. The mailbox does not exist.
mailboxFull The mailbox is full. The mailbox is full.
syntaxFailure The email syntax is incorrect. The syntax of the specified email address is incorrect.
unreachable unreachable No response from domain. The domain is not responding to validation requests or does not have any active mail servers. 
illegitimate illegitimate Technical role account or inactive. Seed, spamtrap, black hole, technical role account or inactive domain.
roleAccount Role account. i.e. support@, sales@, info@ Role accounts such as support@, sales@, info@ etc.
typoDomain Likely domain typo. The domain of the email address you've provided was close to a common domain and, although it exists, it is highly unlikely to be correct. 
localPartSpamTrap Potential spam trap. Known local portions of the email address that may indicate spam traps.
Profanity The email address contains profanity. The email address contains profanity.
disposable disposable Domain is administered by a disposable email provider. The domain is administered by a disposable email provider (e.g. Mailinator).
unknown unknown Unable to determine mailbox status. We were unable to conclusively verify or invalidate the email address.
timeout Domain took too long to respond. The request timed out due to the host domain not responding in time.
acceptAll Domain does not provide mailbox status. The domain is accept-all, so the email address cannot be validated.
relayDenied Mail exchanger.issue. The result was validated at the incorrect mail exchanger.
BLANK Rate limit exceeded. You are submitting requests at a faster rate than allowed by the email service providers for the domains you are checking.


Time stamps will tell you at what time the email was validated.

Phone type

There are several types of phones that are available. All phone types can be viewed in our Phone validation documentation.

Confidence level

If the response code is 200, you will also see a confidence level. All confidence levels can be viewed in our Phone validation documentation.

Validation message

The validation message will be a combination of phone type and the confidence. For example: Type: Mobile. Status:Veified


Time stamps will tell you at what time the phone number was validated.