We provide two ways to integrate this API:

If you've purchased Professional Services support along with your license, contact us for assistance. Our consultants are highly skilled in all key programming languages and they will help you set up and integrate the API.

To view the API's Swagger specification in JSON format, go to API specification and click View specification under the POST block.

Use Swagger Codegen to quickly generate client integration code in the language you are using, such as C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python or Ruby.

ada eiffel java qt5cpp tizen
akka-scala elixir javascript r typescrpt-angular
android elm javascript-closure-angular ruby typescript-angularjs
apex erlang-client jaxrs-cxf-client rust typescript-aurelia
bash flash jmeter scala typescript-fetch
clojure go kotlin scalaz typescript-jquery
cpprest groovy lua swagger typescript-node
csharp haskell-http-client objc swagger-yami
csharp-dotnet2 html perl swift
cwiki html2 php swift3
dart powershell swift4
dynamic-html python

Swagger Codegen is available to download on GitHub, along with a README.

The tool is also available as a web-based version.

As an alternative to Codegen, you can use the Swagger Editor to generate client integration code: upload the Swagger specification and select your programming language of choice from the Generate Client dropdown.

We now have pre-configured Postman collections for our APIs.

You can quickly test out the requests and responses and see how the API behaves. Simply import the relevant collections, add your token as a variable and start making requests with your desired parameters.

Get Postman collections

Our Integration Wizard is a tool that allows you to quicky integrate Experian's real-time address, phone, and email validation into your site in a few steps.

If you already have a Self Service Portal account, you can access Integration Wizard directly. Click Get started to begin. Alternatively, log into the Self Service Portal, click Products on the left, open the Tools tab and then click Start the Integration Wizard.

Read our Integration Wizard guide on how to use this tool.

Experian Email Validation V2

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