Our Integration Wizard is a tool that allows you to quicky integrate Experian's real-time address, phone, and email validation into your site in a few steps.

If you already have a Self Service Portal account, you can access Integration Wizard directly. Click Get started to begin. Alternatively, log into the Self Service Portal, click Products on the left and open the Tools tab.

Don't have an account yet? Get in touch with your account manager or contact regional support.

Checks whether global addresses (containing a maximum of 7 address fields) are valid and deliverable. Our Experian Address Validation is used, enabling intuitive real-time address validation.

Checks whether global mobile/cell numbers are valid. Our Experian Phone Validation is used, enabling validation of numbers and obtaining additional information about them.

Checks whether email addresses are valid and deliverable, reducing the amount of emails sent to invalid and harmful and addresses. Our Experian Email Validation is used.

We recommend using Integration Wizard instead of the API for simpler contact forms and/or quick integrations with a pre-set validation timeout of 5 seconds and basic result styling options.

To start integration, click Create a website URL integration, give it a name that makes sense and select a deployment (i.e. type of validation you want to use). For example, you may want to start with only validating email addresses when users are checking out their shopping cart.