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Install Experian Pandora Free data profiler

Experian Pandora Free Data Profiler comes with limited functionality and requires that the client and server are installed on a single computer.

To install Free Data Profiler, follow these steps:


  1. Download the installer
  2. Run the installer
  3. Start the service
  4. Open Experian Pandora

Download the installer

Sign up to Experian Pandora Free Data Profiler to download the installer.

Run the installer

  1. Navigate to the folder in which you downloaded the installer.

  2. Double-click the .exe file and run through the installer.

  3. On the Installation Type dialog, select whether you want the product to be available for everyone on the machine, or just for your user profile. The product is automatically installed to 1 of 2 default locations:

    • Only Me (Username):
      • application: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Programs\Experian
      • repository: C:\pandora
    • Everybody (all users):
      • application: C:\Program Files\Experian
      • repository: C:\pandora
  4. On the Choose Setup Type dialog, select Typical.

  5. Click **Finish **to complete installation wizard. Before you can open Experian Pandora, you will need to start the service.

Start the service

  1. Navigate to Windows Services. From the Start menu, in the Search programs and files box, type Services and press Enter.

  2. Locate Experian Pandora Database Server <version><operating system>.

  3. Right-click, and select Start.

Open Experian Pandora

  1. From the Start menu, click Experian Pandora Client <version>.

  2. In the pop up dialog, enter your credentials and click Login. The default credentials are:

    username: administrator
    password: administrator

    We recommend that you change the default credentials immediately after initial installation (in the Experian Pandora client, right-click Home > User > Change password…). For other users, we recommend that the administrator logs in and either changes the passwords before handing out login details or deletes them and creates their own set of users. The other default users (other than admin) are mainly for getting started or demonstrations.

    Got an error message? Click here to troubleshoot.

  3. If you don't already have a license key, you will need to request one when you first log into Experian Pandora. On the License Key screen, clicking the Email button will populate an email with the information. Send the email, and when you receive your license key, paste it here.