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Environment recommendations

The Experian Pandora client can be installed on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems. The server must be installed on a 64-bit OS, on either Windows or Linux.

Certain Ports are used for various functions in Experian Pandora which will require rules to allow them through firewalls should they be needed; these are interchangeable but the defaults are below;

  • 7700 – Client/Server Communication port.
  • 7800 – ODBC Communication Port
  • 7900 – REST Web Server

Ideally for best performance, the database directory should be located on its own drive, separate from the OS. By default the database is on the same drive as the product files (C:/Pandora in Windows, /Pandora in Linux). For instructions on how to change the database location in Windows, see here and in Linux, see here.

The amount of disk space required will vary depending on the type and frequency of the data you will load. For guidelines, please see the Technical recommendations or contact your local Technical support team.