Spaces are project containers or work areas which allow you to logically compartmentalize work, control user access and collaborate with others. Most of the work you do in Data Studio will be within a context of a Space.

To create a new shared Space:

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow in the top menu and click Create new Space.
  2. Enter a name and an optional description for the Space.
  3. Give the Space an External label (or use the suggested default) to uniquely identify it when making API calls. The external label is also used in the folder path for the dataset dropzone and file exports.
  4. (Optional) Allow Datasets within the Space to be published to the ODBC server using the Publish to ODBC option.
  5. (Optional) Share the Space with other users. By default, the user who creates the Space is given Admin permissions on it, but that can be modified.
  6. Click Apply to save changes.

To access all the Spaces available to you, click on the drop-down arrow in the Space menu and select View all Spaces.

Permissions on Spaces

When creating or editing a Space, you can optionally give other users or groups access to it. You can assign the following permissions to each user:

  • Admin: Add, modify or remove other users' access to the Space, edit the Space definition and all of its contents (e.g. Views, Functions and Workflows).
  • Writer: Access the Space and edit the contents.
  • Reader: Access the Space and view (but not edit) published content only. Objects such as Views, Functions and Workflows that are in draft state will not be visible.

External label specifications

Note that external labels for Spaces must:

  • contain only alphanumeric characters or underscores,
  • be less than 255 characters long and
  • not start with a number or an underscore.