Re-use Workflows

A Workflow can be re-used, embedded in another Workflow, and can be shared between Spaces. When a Workflow (the child Workflow) is used in another Workflow (the parent), it will appear in a similar way to a Workflow step.

To make a Workflow re-usable:

  1. Go to Workflows and select the required one.
  2. Click Options > Edit properties.
  3. Tick Can be used within other Workflows. This will make this Workflow re-usable within the current Space.
  4. Click Apply to save changes.

If you have also published and shared the Workflow, you can re-use (embed) it in Workflows in other Spaces.

The re-usable Workflow will essentially be made into a Workflow step consisting of three parts:

Workflow element Step element
Replaceable source Input node
Output step Output node
Re-configurable Workflow parameter Step setting

Any Source steps in the child Workflow where Can supply source when executed is set will become input nodes when the Workflow is used as a step in a parent Workflow. Similarly, any Output steps.

If the input is connecting to an output with missing columns, a column mapping table will be shown, and you may need to manually re-map the columns.

Values for Workflow parameters used in the child Workflow can be passed in from the parent Workflow if the Runtime configurable setting is enabled.