Record Detail component

This component replaces the standard details component. It reads the layout and displays all the fields taking into consideration the permissions of the logged in user.

  1. Click the Pencil icon by the address, email or phone fields (All fields will become editable).

    Location of Pencil icon

  2. Enter an address, email and/or phone number in the fields.

  3. Validation happens when clicking away from the component. Values are saved in the record when clicking the Save button.

  4. Click the Chevron or the Green/Red/Yellow icons for further information on the status.

    View of Chevrons and green/red/yellow icons

  5. To delete an email address or phone number, edit the record by either clicking Edit on the top right corner of the page or on the Pencil icon against the field, remove the value from the field, click away and click Save a blank value.

    View of editable phone fields

  6. To delete an address when editing a record:
    a. Click Clear.
    b. Click Save blank value.
    c. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save the record.

    Location of clear and save blank value buttons

To cancel the above actions, you need to click on Cancel at the bottom of the page.

Editing or creating a new record when Edit and New button have been overridden with the EDQ record detail component allows you to validate addresses, email or phone as you create a new record.

View of editable address fields