1. Click the Pencil icon.

    View of address fields

  2. Start typing an address in the fields (the default country will show in the component). A list of possible matching addresses is displayed.

    example of dropdown list of address options

  3. Select address. This address will automatically be saved in the correct fields.

  4. Click the Chevron or the Green/Red/Yellow icons for further information on the status.

    Chevron and/or icons

  5. If no suggestions come back, you can type an address manually and click Save. A yellow icon will appear by the address to show it has been manually entered and not validated by Experian (At least a street number and city/ postcode should be entered).

    Manually updated message

  6. To edit/delete an address:

    a. Click Edit icon.

    b. Click Clear first so you can get a list of suggestions from the API.

    c. Click new address from list of possible matching addresses (leave blank to delete address).

    d. Click Save.

    Blank address fields window