1. Click the Pencil icon.

    View of email and phone component

  2. Enter a phone number in the phone field. (for phone numbers the default country code should already be there)

    View of phone number field

  3. Clicking away from the field will save and validate the phone number.

    View of validation message for email

  4. Click the Chevron or the Green/Red/Yellow icons for further information on the status.

    View of additional phone validation information

  5. To delete a phone number:

    1. Click the Edit icon next to the field you wish to edit.

    2. Delete the phone number from the field.

    3. Click outside the field.

    4. Click Save a blank value.

  6. If you enter an invalid format phone number, X icon will display to the right of the email field. Click the X icon to remove the invalid phone number and restore the previous value.

    Invalid phone number message