Map your fields

Once you've specified the form(s) you want to use, we'll automatically map your form fields to our validation elements which you can review and change as required.

These mapped fields are then used for the the real-time address, email and phone validation whenever your customers use the form.

Mapping your fields

You can map more than one email and more than one phone field within each form but the address fields are more complex.

To trigger each type of data validation (address, email or phone), you have to specify the lookup trigger. For addresses, the default lookup trigger will the the Address Line 1 field but you can change this as required.

Using the Integration Wizard, you can map two address sets within a form (e.g. a billing and a delivery address) but within each set you can't map the same address field more than once.

For example, if you set ZIP/Postal code as the address lookup trigger, this field will display Start typing an address and address validation will be triggered when users start typing their code. You can have this field in both the billing and the delivery set but you can't have a ZIP/postal code field twice within either set.

Experian validation elements

Data element Type Description
Lookup trigger All Assign this to the address, email or phone field that you want to trigger data validation.
Email Email Returns the validity of the entered email address.
Phone Phone VReturns the validity of the entered phone number.
Address line 1/2/3 Address Returns the relevant line of the selected address.
Locality Address Returns the locality of the selected address, depending on the region:
Australia – Locality
United Kingdom & France – Town
United States – City
Canada – Municipality
New Zealand – Suburb, Lobby Name, Rural Delivery
Rest of the world – Locality
Province Address Returns the province of the selected address, depending on the region:
Australia – State code
United Kingdom – N/A
United States – State code
Canada – Province code
New Zealand – City
Rest of the world – Province
Postal code Address Returns the ZIP or postal code of the selected address.
Country Address Returns the country of the selected address.