Map your fields

Once you've specified the form(s) you want to be used, we'll automatically match your form fields to our data elements.

The mapped fields will be used for the real-time address, phone, and email validation whenever your customers enter their contact data.

You can map more than one email and phone field within a form. However, address fields are slightly different.

Mapping address fields

When mapping address fields, you have to specify an address lookup trigger - the field that will be used to initiate real-time address validation. By default, this will be the 'Address Line 1' field.

For example, if you set the ZIP/postal code as the address lookup trigger, this field will display 'Start typing an address…' text and the address validation will be activated when your customer starts typing in their ZIP/postal code.

The Integration Wizard allows you to map two address sets within a form, e.g. a billing and a delivery address. In each address set, you can map each address field only once.