To call our API and to get a response, you'll need:

  • A license to use the product.
    Haven't got a license? Talk to your account manager or contact us to get it.
  • Your token. This confirms you are licensed to use Email Validation and authenticates each request you send to the API. The token must be entered in the request header, along with the Auth-Token parameter, e.g.
  Auth-Token: ab123ab1-abc1-1234-abcd-ab1a123a1a12

To check if your token is working correctly, you need to test it, by sending an API request. If you get a response code of 403, check out My token.

To make your first call, you'll also want to have to hand:

  • An email address you want to validate.
  • A tool that allows you to make API calls – we recommend Postman.