Token FAQs

This section provides answers to FAQs about tokens.

We recommend that you create and use multiple tokens. For details, see Creating tokens.

You need to find out the values of tokens so you can use them to send requests to our APIs.

To find out the value of a token:

  1. On the Self Service Portal, navigate to Deployments > View details for the required deployment. The tokens are displayed in the second table.
  2. Find the appropriate token and click the associated Get token link.
  3. A pop-up opens, where you can see the value of the token and copy it to the clipboard.

To check if a token is working correctly, you need to test it, by making an API call.

For testing API calls, we recommend Postman, which you can download for free. If you need help using Postman, check out the user documentation.

You will know if your token is working correctly based on the status code of the response you get from the API:

Status code Is my token working correctly?
200 The request was successful and your token is working correctly.
400 The request was not successful. You might have forgotten to add the token in the request header.
401 The request was not successful. You might have used an incorrect token. Check the Self Service Portal to make sure you've used the right token.
403 The request was not successful. The token is valid, but it might be disabled. You can activate it in the Self Service Portal.

There are several reasons why a token might not be working:

  • The token is disabled. Activate it.
  • You have run out of credits for a product. Once your credits run out, you're no longer able to use any of the tokens associated with it. Contact your Experian account manager to purchase more credits.
  • Your license has expired. Once your license has expired, you're no longer able to use any of the products covered by it. Contact your Experian account manager to renew your license.

You can create a new token without any notification being sent. It is only if you activate the token that the token status notification will be emailed to subscribers.