Hosted Aperture Data Studio is a powerful self-service data quality and enrichment platform that empowers data practitioners to determine and report on the accuracy, consistency, completeness and trustworthiness of their data.

As well as reporting, the application allows large volumes of data to be transformed to improve the quality over time.

Fully hosted by Experian, this solution offers:

  • Time to value: deploy in days and quickly access transformative and trusted data.
  • Ease of use: an intuitive self-service interface with interactive charts, auto-detection of file formats, machine learning and more.
  • Unified platform: a highly configurable single platform providing sophisticated data quality capabilities.
  • Automatic validation and enrichment: enhance your data in a few clicks, and access unique reference data, curated by Excperian.
  • Enhanced collaboration: provide secure access to business critical data for trusted teams with flexible permissions.

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