External systems

In addition to file uploads, Aperture Data Studio offers the option to connect directly to External systems.

Data can be loaded from an External system into a Dataset or the External system can be defined as a target for the Export step.

The supported systems are:

  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
  • Apache Hadoop HDFS
  • Amazon S3
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage (Data Lake Gen2)
  • SFTP including Experian STS

Create an External system

  1. Navigate to System > External systems and select add new External System.
  2. Give the system a name and optional description.
  3. Define the connection type. If JDBC is selected, additionally select the DBMS.
  4. Complete the fields necessary to configure the connection.
  5. Choose the authentication method to connect to your system:
    • Username and password
    • Instance profile (only available for Amazon S3)
    • Public/private key pair (only available for SFTP systems)
  6. Enter Test settings to confirm that you can successfully connect. These test credentials will not be saved.
  7. Click Finish to save the system configuration or Finish and add credentials to save both, the current system configuration and the connection credential(s) which can then be associated to Data Studio users for accessing data in the specified system.