Dataset dropzones

If the Enable server dropzone checkbox is ticked when a Dataset is being created or edited, a folder will be created in the dataset dropzone area representing that Dataset's dropzone.

When a file is placed in this location, it is automatically loaded into the corresponding Dataset as a new batch of data.

Each Dataset dropzone folder is continuously monitored for the arrival of new files, and when a new file arrives an attempt is made to load it. If the file is successfully loaded the file is removed, otherwise it will be placed in an error folder and no further attempt will be made to load it.

The following conditions must be met for the file to be loaded:

  • The Dataset must have originally been created from a file upload (the System will be "Imported file").
  • The file in the dropzone must be the same file type as the file used to create the Dataset. For example, if a MS Excel (.xlsx) file was used when the Dataset was created, a .xlsx file has to be used in the dropzone.
  • The new file must have at least column names in common with the existing Dataset. Missing columns in the new file will be loaded as null values in the Dataset. Additional columns will be ignored.

Folder structure

Within datasetdropzone there is a folder for each Environment, with the folder name matching the external label of the corresponding Environment. Likewise, within each Environment folder, there are folders for each Space. The folder structure is datasetdropzone > Environment label > Space label > Dataset label.