Use this step to validate and enrich addresses in bulk using Experian Batch, depending on your license.

If your data has address columns tagged already, this step will automatically pick up all the columns tagged as addresses and list as Selected columns.

If you are using AddressBase Premium data, you can enable key searching by specifying which columns contain UPRNs and UDPRNs.

To enrich valid addresses, choose one of the available Additional datasets. The additional datasets that are available to you will depend on your license.

Using Additional options you can specify how the validated addresses will be returned:

  • Output columns - This defines how a cleansed address will be returned from the Validate Addresses step: How many columns there will be, and which address elements will go in each column, and what additional formatting (for example casing or truncation) will be applied.

    • Standard (7-column layout).

    • Component (28-column layout).

    • Custom layouts can also be defined for each country. When using a custom layout, you can choose to use line labels defined in that layout as column names for the cleansed address columns.

  • Results columns - This defines what information is returned about how the address was cleansed. You can ether return a simple summary of the cleaning action (Good Match, Unmatched, and so on), or a much more detailed breakdown of the match code.

    • Standard (returns the result code).
    • Detailed (returns the result code and additional metadata including the match success and the confidence of the match)

Find out how to configure Experian Batch for the Validate addresses step.

Result codes

An address cleansed in Data Studio will result in one of the following possible results:

Validation result Description
Verified Correct Experian Batch verified the input address as a good-quality match to a complete address. No corrections or formatting changes were necessary.
Good Match Experian Batch verified the input address as a good-quality match to a complete address, although minor corrections or formatting changes may have been applied.
Good Premise Partial Experian Batch was not able to find a full match to a correct address, but found a good match to premise level by excluding organization or sub-premise details.
Tentative Match Experian Batch found a match to a complete address, but the overall differences between the input and cleaned addresses are significant enough to reduce the confidence in the match.
Multiple Matches Experian Batch found more than one correct address which matched the input address. This means that no single address could be matched with high confidence.
Poor Match Experian Batch found a match to an address, but with low confidence. This often means that the cleaned address is not deliverable.
Partial Match Experian Batch was unable to find a full correct address which matched the input address. This often occurs when the property number is missing from the input address.
Foreign Address Experian Batch could not find a matching address because the input address referred to a different country.
Unmatched Experian Batch was unable to match the input address to any correct address.
Processing Failure The address input has not returned any results and may be of a bad format. Please report this to whoever manages Aperture Data Studio for your organization.