Datasets in Data Studio can be accessed by other systems and applications using the OData protocol. Many applications are able to consume data from OData APIs directly. Alternatively, developers can access the API itself (see a list of supported programming languages).

Make Datasets available via OData

For security reasons, Datasets will not be accessible via OData unless both the Dataset and the Space it belongs to have been configured to allow access.

To allow Datasets within a Space to be exposed via OData:

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow in the top menu and select View all Spaces.
  2. Click on the Space's Options.
  3. Click Edit Details.
  4. Enable Allow publishing to ODBC and OData.
  5. Click Apply.
  1. Go to Datasets.
  2. Click on the Dataset's Options.
  3. Click Edit Details.
  4. Enable Publish to ODBC and OData.
  5. Click Apply.

Connect to the API

When you connect using OData, you will need to provide the following information:

Setting Value
URL http[s]://<server>/odata/<environment label> See manage Environments for details of how to determine the environment label
Authentication Type Basic
Username Your Data Studio username (typically your email address)
Password A valid Data Studio API key

Supported OData parameters

If you are using an application to read OData, you won't need to understand the details of the protocol. However for developers who wish to access the API from code, it may be useful to know the subset of OData query parameters that are currently supported by Data Studio:

  • $count can be used to determing the total number of rows available within a Dataset
  • $top and $skip can be used to retrieve data in batches/pages, rather than requesting the entire dataset in one request.

Please consult the OData Standard or the documentation for the OData library you are using for information about how to supply these parameters.