A Job is any task that Data Studio has performed or is performing, such as executed Workflows.

Go to Jobs page to view all Data Studio processes that are being monitored.

Monitor Workflows

Go to Jobs to see the progress of all Workflows (whether completed, in progress or pending execution).

The following will be shown for each Workflow execution:

  • Workflow – The name of the Workflow. This is a link that will take you to the details of the execution of the individual Workflow steps.
  • Space – The name of the Space in which the Workflow resides.
  • Initiated By – The name of the user that executed the Workflow. If it was executed as part of an active schedule, the name of the schedule is shown.
  • Status – The current status of the execution:
    • Completed: successfully completed
    • In Progress: currently being executed
    • Pending: a one-off Workflow execution has been scheduled (using the Later option in the Run Workflow dialog).
    • Failed: an unexpected error occurred during execution. For details, click on Options > Job details.
    • Stopping: A cancel request has been received and the execution is in the process of stopping.
    • Stopped: A cancel request was received and the execution of the Workflow was prematurely stopped.
  • Start time – The date/time that the Workflow began execution; for pending Jobs - the date/time that it will be executed.
  • End time – the date/time that the Workflow finished executing
  • Elapsed – The time taken for the execution

To see the progress of the individual steps within the Workflow, go to Jobs page. Select the required job and click on Options > View details.

Each individual Workflow step will be shown in a separate row. Some steps may be shown on more than one row. This happens because there are multiple paths through the Workflow and the step has been executed once for each of these paths.

Details of the start/end time and the duration for each of the steps will also be shown.

Cancel Workflow execution

You can cancel a Workflow execution that's in progress. In the Jobs page, select the required job and click on Options > Cancel.

A cancellation request will be sent at the next available stopping point (Data Studio checks for these requests at regular intervals).