In some cases, you may want to re-use a Workflow by including it in another one. In other words, you can 'embed' one Workflow into another as a Workflow step (let's call the one we're embedding in as the child Workflow).

To enable the re-usable Workflow setting:

  1. Go to Workflows and select the required one.
  2. Click Options > Edit properties.
  3. Tick Can be used within other Workflows. This will essentially make this Workflow re-usable as a Workflow step.
  4. Click Apply to save changes.

The re-usable Workflow will essentially be made into a Workflow step consisting of three parts:

Workflow element Step element
Re-configurable Workflow parameter step setting
Replaceable source Input node
Output step Output node

You can connect the input and output to other steps in the parent Workflow.

If the input is connecting to an output with missing columns, a column mapping table will be shown, and you may need to manually re-map the columns.

You can also supply a value or assign a Workflow parameter to the Workflow step setting.