Spaces provide you with the flexibility to work and collaborate in a way that works best for you and your organization - whether it's a different Space for each project, your team or a one-off task.

Share data (as Views), and work (as Functions and Workflows) selectively with other projects and teams.

Types of Space

When you log into Data Studio for the first time, you will enter your personal Space, called Your Space. Every user has their own personal user space which is only accessible to them and can't be edited or deleted.

Typically, most of the work you do in Data Studio won't be done in this personal but in a shared Space which may represent a specific project, your team, or a task.

Additionally, each Environment has its own System Space which is created upon Environment creation.
The System Space is used to store default Space-scoped objects (e.g. Find duplicates step settings - rules and blocking keys).

By default, this Space can only be managed by the Environment administrator but this can be modified to allow other users to manage it. However, it can be accessed in read-only mode by the 'All users' group.

When a new Space is created, it's automatically populated with all shared objects from the System Space. When a new globally shared object is added to the System Space, it's automatically included in all existing Spaces.

Using Spaces

When you create a Space, you will define the name, and who has access to the contents.

When creating or editing a Space, you can optionally give other users or groups access to it. You can assign the following permissions to each user:

  • Admin: Add, modify or remove other users' access to the Space, edit the Space definition and all of its contents (e.g. Views, Functions and Workflows).
  • Writer: Access the Space and edit the contents.
  • Reader: Access the Space and view (but not edit) published content only. Objects such as Views, Functions and Workflows that are in draft state will not be visible.

It's therefore important to think about which Spaces you want to create in order to provide the appropriate level of granularity when securing Datasets or other Data Studio objects.

To access all the Spaces available to you, click on the drop-down arrow in the Space menu at the top of the screen and click View all Spaces.

Managing Workflow steps

A newly created Space will have all default Workflow steps enabled, and any custom steps disabled. This can be changed by the Space administrator(s) to simplify the types of Workflows that can be created in the Space.

To access the Workflow step list configuration panel:

  1. Click the menu next to the Space drop-down in the top menu.
  2. Select Workflow steps.
  3. Enable/disable individual Workflow steps as required.

Sharing to other Spaces

Workflows, Views and Functions created in one Space can be shared with other Spaces: