Yes, when configuring data in the Data Explorer (if you're not in this view already, right-click on the source, select View data then Configure in the top menu).

Once in the configuration view, click Columns in the left-hand side menu and then Multi select. Choose the columns you want to edit, right-click and select the required action.

If you try to View data before it has been previewed and/or configured, a warning message will appear asking you to preview it first.

We recommend that you always preview data before loading it to ensure that the data we cache appears is as expected.

Due to the nature of the format, Excel files require more memory and processing power. If you have issues uploading a .xls or .xlsx file, try converting it to a .csv and then upload again.

In Data Explorer, right-click on the file and select Preview and configure. In the Data tab you will have the following options:

  • File is EBCDIC
  • File length is coded big-endian
  • Increase record length
  • File is packed

Different Metro 2 files may be encoded or packaged differently. These configuration options give you more control over the parsing process.