Workflow Designer

Connecting the Validate step to a data source will prevent you from adding new rules. Connecting this step to the Union, Multi-View, Splice, Custom or Chart steps may cause your validation rules to be lost.

To avoid this, add the Transform step before the Validate one.

By default, the qaworld.ini contains all the address and component layouts used by each data set.

You shouldn't delete these layouts but you can make modifications as long as the layout continues to be valid (i.e. it works in the test harness).

If the qaworld.ini no longer contains address and component layouts, we recommend rolling back to the default version which can be found in addressValidate\templates.

Your Experian Batch isn't configured correctly.

To check, go to the addressValidate\runtime folder in your Data Studio installation (e.g. C:\ProgramData\Experian\addressValidate\runtime).

Using the Command Prompt, run BATWV64.EXE (the Experian Batch API test harness). You should see the list of available address layouts. For Use layout number enter the number of the layout from the list that corresponds to a country you have configured.

If you get an error, Experian Batch hasn't been configured correctly. Contact support for help.

Ensure you allow pop-ups in Chrome: click on the right-hand side. Select Always allow pop-ups from http://localhost:7701 and click Done.

Workflows with more than one output have to include at least one export or script step to be executed:

  1. Go to Workflow steps on the right-hand side.
  2. Drag and drop an Export step into the workflow and link to the relevant step.

When importing a workflow file (.wfl) that references data not available in your environment, you will be prompted to manually map these tables.

The Map invalid workflow source/target tables dialog will list all the invalid source or target tables. Use the New table dropdown to map these to the appropriate table available in Aperture Data Studio.