Search point monikers

Pro API supports the use of Search Point Monikers (SPMs). A Moniker is a 'name' that is used to uniquely identify an object. Pro API can use text string monikers to represent a position in a search. An SPM is used to easily and efficiently store the state of a search that is in progress. SPMs are passed backwards and forwards from the Pro API server for each transaction, making the server stateless.

Most searching transactions have the following simplified structure:

Send: ,
Receive: , , , …

While the server is stateless, each picklist address item has an SPM as well as visible text. Any action, such as obtaining the final address, can be performed using the SPM. The SPM is valid across different Pro API handles, threads, processes and platforms, and can enable you to scale a website by splitting it across several servers. However, a moniker is only valid with one version of the data since it contains information that will change whenever the data is altered. You cannot directly check address similarity across versions.

Search Point Monikers should not be used for long-term storage, as your correct datasets will eventually expire, rendering the Search Point Monikers invalid.