You can check the integrity of Experian data files using quchkn.exe

You can call quchkn.exe in one of two ways: using the command line, or as a standalone application.

  • Windows Syntax
    QUCHKN (filespec) -Show all command line options.
    QUCHKN -log -?

  • UNIX Syntax
    QUCHK (filespec) -Show all command line options.
    QUCHK -log -?

  • Example

  • Description
    Performs an integrity check on selected Experian data files. Uses a CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) to verify that the contents of the data files are not corrupt. Can be used to check for problems with the data or file corruption.

    CRC Description
    Add… Add an Experian data file to the list.
    Remove… Remove the selected file from the list.
    Check File Check the currently selected file.
    Check All Check all the files in the list.

To run quchkn.exe as a standalone application, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the quchkn.exe file on your computer.
  2. Double-click quchkn.exe to open the Data Checker Utility.
  3. To add a file for checking, click Add….
  4. The Select Data File dialog is displayed.
  5. Navigate to the directory that contains your data files.
  6. Select the data file that you want to check.
  7. Click Open to close the Select Data File dialog and return the selected file to the Data Checker.
  8. Click Check file to check the selected file. This display is updated with the results of the data check operation.
  9. To check the contents of an entire directory on your computer, click Scan Folder.
    The Select Data Folder dialog is displayed. Select the folder that you want to check and click OK.