DataPlus enables users to specify that additional information is returned along with a matched address in Pro API.

DataPlus information is contained in DataPlus sets. Each piece of information relates to a locality, a postcode, or, when the data requires a higher resolution, to the delivery point (letter box). Each DataPlus set contains one or more information fields which may be returned with the address. For example, a DataPlus set containing grid references may contain two fields: latitude and longitude.

For example, if a user searches the Australia data (with the associated latitude and longitude DataPlus set), for "314 miller st, nsw", Pro API finds this address:

314 Miller Street


-33.8313 151.208

The latitude and longitude appear beneath the address.

If you want your users to retrieve DataPlus information with their addresses, you should configure your address layout so that it contains lines specifically for DataPlus.

Windows users can implement DataPlus using the Configuration Editor. Users of UNIX can directly edit the AddressLineN keyword in the configuration files.

You must ensure that your final address page has enough lines to accommodate the DataPlus information.

Retrieving multiple DataPlus values

If your address contains multiple DataPlus values, such as several gas meter numbers for one property, and if you have configured your address layout to contain this DataPlus item, Pro API returns all DataPlus values in one string, separated by delimiter.

You can specify the delimiter you want to use with the MultiValueDPSeparator Configuration Editor, or using the Configuration Editor. The default delimiter is |.

Depending on the line width you have configured, all of the characters in the returned elements may not be returned when you paste the address into an application. This occurs because the configured DataPlus line width is too short.


If you have the Australian, American, Netherlands or United Kingdom datasets installed and you wish to add barcodes to your addresses, this functionality is available as a DataPlus set.

If you want your users to retrieve barcode information with their addresses, you should configure your address layout so that it contains lines specifically for a barcode as a DataPlus item.

The font used for the barcodes in installed with Pro API. If the barcode appears as a list of numbers, ensure that the relevant font from the following list is in your Windows font directory:

  • QuickAddress 4state Barcode (for Australia)
  • USPS POSTNET Barcode (For the USA)
  • CustomerCode Plain (True Type) (for the Netherlands and the United Kingdom)

For the Primary API, you will see the barcode as a list of numbers.