Updating custom layouts

You can update an existing custom layout’s content that you have already created previously. You can create a custom layout yourself or by contacting us. If you want to update a custom layout, follow the steps below:

  1. Before you start to update, you would want to have the layout’s name and id, which can be obtain by refer to existing custom layouts
  2. Go to our API specification page and click the PUT /address/layouts/v2/{name}, so that it expands.
    PUT /layouts swagger view
  3. Click Try it out in the upper-right corner.
  4. In the Parameter section:
    • Enter your token in the Auth-Token field.
    • Enter the name of the layout.
  5. In the Request body you can customise the layout:
    • In the layout object, you can customize the comment, and the country and dataset that will be applied. Please note that you cannot rename the layout.
    • Use the descriptions in the options object to help define the options object of the swagger.
    • In the lines collection, you can define your custom address lines. Depending on the search type and country you are creating the custom layout for, there are specific elements you can use.
  6. Click Execute to send the request to the API.