Speak to your Experian account manager for more information on these limits.

It depends on what search type you are using. You will need to purchase Experian Enrichment for all search types apart from Validate, which will automatically include this information.

Please contact us for more information on response times.

Please check out our policy page for information on our SLAs.

You can try our different search types using our sample code examples.

This section offers guidance on some common issues you might come across when using the API.

To check service availability, go to the service status page. There you can see if there are any current issues and you can subscribe to updates, so you're always informed about the API's uptime and downtime.

To check if your token is working correctly, you need to test it, by sending an API request. If you get a response code of 403, check out My token.

Check out Timeouts to find out more about the API's response time.

Check out Costs to find out more about the scenarios when you will incur a cost.

You can only specify one search key per dataset. If you specify the same search key multiple times when you submit a request, e.g.

dlbz0w", "global_address_key": "aWQ9QWhtZWQgQWwgSmFiZXIgU3RyZWV0LDUgQWwgS3V3YXl0LEt1d2FpdH5hbH

  • Only the last one in the list will be used, provided the data format is application/json or application/x-msgpack.
  • Only the first one in the list will be used, provided the data format is application/xml.