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Request for information (RFI) FAQ

This page contains data security and compliance information for Experian Address Validation to answer the most frequently asked questions during the RFI process. Find information for other products on our RFI FAQ page.

Data journey

Data journey

Data journey


ISO 27001 Certificates available upon request

Data retention

The following data elements are encrypted and stored 3 months in an Experian Data Center and for 1 year in Microsoft Azure for troubleshooting, internal testing, caching and product quality improvement purposes:

  • Input country
  • Input address
  • Transaction start/end time
  • IP address of caller

For data quality insights reporting purposes: We store 100% anonymised metadata related to searches across all services indefinitely.

Regional data transfer

  • The API Gateway, Experian Address Validation and Experian Enrichment products are deployed to the US, UK and Australia.
  • Depending on the origin, requests are routed to the nearest data center and data remains there.
  • In the event of a data center failure, requests will be routed to the nearest healthy data center.