This section contains historic changes to the Experian Phone Validation API, as well as a link to documentation for an older phone validation API.

Jan 2022

New Features

  • a new field has been added, disposable_number. The API will now identify mobile numbers that are known to be from a disposable network or have been found on websites or applications advertising disposable numbers.

Nov 2020

Experian Phone Validation v2 now:

  • Supports country ISO code as part of request parameter for pre-validation
  • Support on enhanced portability information which returns the portability date of a phone number

Jun 2019

Experian Phone Validation v2 has the following key characteristics:

  • It supports multiple data formats - JSON, XML, MessagePack.
  • Improved uptime and failover with multiple cloud hosted locations in different geographic areas.
  • Better consistency with our other products, such as Experian Email Validation.
  • Improved processing times per request.
  • Caching functionality, to further improve the performance of recently processed phone numbers.
  • Local number formatting.
  • Phone number type indicator.
  • Improved portability information.
  • It's easier to implement, with improved documentation.

Mar 2018

First release of product, based mostly on Global Phone Validate.

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