This section contains historic changes to the Experian Phone Validation API, as well as a link to documentation for an older phone validation API.

Feb 2023

New Features

  • Disposable number improvements: The database has expanded by 5 times, with an increased number of websites captured and a more extensive pull from existing sources. Improved automation to reduce the time taken for a new disposable number to appear in the response.

Sept 2022

New Features

  • Supplementary live status: The new request parameter allows customers to enable Live Status checking for mobiles and landlines in countries previously unsupported. At launch, this includes USA mobiles and UK landlines.

Jan 2022

New Features

  • a new field has been added, disposable_number. The API will now identify mobile numbers that are known to be from a disposable network or have been found on websites or applications advertising disposable numbers.

Nov 2020

Experian Phone Validation v2 now:

  • Supports country ISO code as part of request parameter for pre-validation
  • Support on enhanced portability information which returns the portability date of a phone number

Jun 2019

Experian Phone Validation v2 has the following key characteristics:

  • It supports multiple data formats - JSON, XML, MessagePack.
  • Improved uptime and failover with multiple cloud hosted locations in different geographic areas.
  • Better consistency with our other products, such as Experian Email Validation.
  • Improved processing times per request.
  • Caching functionality, to further improve the performance of recently processed phone numbers.
  • Local number formatting.
  • Phone number type indicator.
  • Improved portability information.
  • It's easier to implement, with improved documentation.

Mar 2018

First release of product, based mostly on Global Phone Validate.

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