This is a custom object used to store API transactions as a log record and it can be used to run reports on the different records that have been validated.

This is an example of the list view of the log records:

View of EDQ log

These records store the following information:

Field Description
Created By The user and timestamp that created the EDQ log item.
Error JSON JSON string returned by API for errors.
ErrorMessage Error messages if any displayed on the front end.
FieldAPIName Field that was validated.
Input Value Input value encoded to comply with GDPR.
Last Modified By The user and timestamp that last modified the EDQ log item.
More Info More info displayed for phone.
Owner The user that validated the record.
Related Record ID Record ID where the validation happened.
Status Status that came back from Experian API and displayed on the front end.
TimeStamp Timestamp of the validation.
Validation Type Type of validation.

View of EDQ log fields