Integration installation

To install Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you will need to:

  1. Open Eclipse IDE and click File > Import.
  2. Select the type of project from the list provided and click Next.
  3. Select project to import from the list provided and click Finish.
  4. Go to the Project Explorer tab.
  5. Select the digital server and go to its properties.
  6. In the properties window, select the option Project Reference.
  7. Select the cartridge to add to the digital server.
  8. Click Apply and Close.

Install cartridge

  1. Log in to Business Manager for your organization's instance of Saleforce Commerce Cloud.
  2. Go to Administration > Sites > Manage Sites.
  3. Look for the "site_name" and select it.
  4. Click on the Settings tab.
  5. Add the cartridge name to the Cartridges input box:
    • "int_experia_sgjc" for SiteGenesis
    • "int_experian_sfra" for SFRA
  6. Click Apply.

Register cartridge

  1. Log into Business Manager and go to Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export.
  2. Under Import : Upload Archive, select Local.
  3. Choose the "" file and click Upload.
  4. Select the tile and click Import.
  5. Click OK at the top of the section.

Set site preferences

  1. Go to Administration > Site Development > System Object Types.
  2. Locate the Site Preferences option.
  3. Click Attribute Definitions to display all the Site Preferences needed for the EDQ cartridge.

Check site preferences