This section contains changes to the Experian Email Validation V2 API, as well as a link to documentation for an older email validation API.

New features

  • RealTime internationalized emails
    • Validate email addresses from domains that support the use of international characters (e.g. á, é or ø).
    • New verbose_output "internationalCharactersUnsupported"

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug related to the role accounts - All role accounts (technical and non-technical) should be returned as "illegitimate -> roleAccount"
  • Security fix and internal libraries are upgraded to latest version

New features

  • New functionality added related to the domain's type - Consumer or Business
  • Change of label for suggestions from "corrections" to "did_you_mean"


  • Security improvements by changing GET request to POST
  • Improved Response Error Details
  • Timeout parameter - moved to the headers
  • Transaction-Id and Reference-Id are returned in the headers
  • New "metadata" section in the response

Looking for documentation on an older related product or API? Check out Email Validation v1.