Update the data files

Now you need to replace the old data files with the new ones.

It is recommended that you backup the old data files before copying the new data files into your data directory. For example, create a folder on your desktop called "Backup" and move the existing data files into it before proceeding. This will ensure that the old data files are not overwritten by the new data files until the new data has been tested. These files can then be deleted once the new dataset is operational.

To update your data files, locate the directory where you downloaded your new data files, and copy them. Then, navigate to the data directory that contains the old data files and paste the new files in. Select Yes to All when prompted to replace the existing files.

Your product should now automatically reference the new data.

If you are using Pro Web, then you will need to restart your service. To do this, use the Run function on Windows Start menu and type services.msc. Locate your Pro Web service, which depending on your product version can be QuickAddress Pro Server <version number>, QAS Pro Server <version number> or Pro Server <version number>. Right-click on the service and click Restart.